1. Huggies Diaper Brand Huggies is a brand of diapers from the United States and belongs to the Kimberly-Clark Company. In 1978, Kimberly-Clark first launched on the market diapers, very quickly.  This diaper brand became a favorite and popular product with many consumers. With methodical investment, serious research in terms of modern production lines, Huggies […]

Oishi – For More Fun

OISHI IS A CONFECTIONERY BRAND FROM THE PHILIPPINE ISLAND NATION. IT’S PRODUCTS COME IN A VARIETY OF FLAVORS, TURNING EACH OF YOUR CRAVINGS INTO “CHILDISH” HAPPINESS WHEN ENJOYING YOUR FAVORITE SNACK. Oishi is one of the first multi-kingdom brands to set foot in Vietnam and quickly become a familiar brand to everyone. Originally, the brand was […]

Review of flavors Goody Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies are a favorite snack of many people, especially children. Take a moment to learn more about the flavors of Goody Chips chocolate chip cookies! Goody Chips is a biscuit brand belonging to Bibica confectionery company , one of the leading confectionery manufacturing and distribution companies in Vietnam. Goody Chips products in particular and Bibica in general are manufactured […]

Discover 10 unique new Oreo cakes that make people admire

Discover 10 unique new Oreo cakes that make people admire Oreo cake is not too strange when, even after many years, this cake still brings a great attraction to many people. However, few people know that in addition to the traditional flavor, it has many other unique flavors with the same deliciousness. 1. Oreo red velvet Oreo red velvet […]

Chupa Chups Sour Belt Fruit Candy is also known as Chupa Chups Rainbow Candy

Chupa Chups Sour Belt Fruit Candy

Chupa Chups Sour Belt Fruit Candy is also known as Chupa Chups Rainbow Candy because the candy has many beautiful colors like a rainbow strip after the rain. Rainbow marshmallows with fruit flavor  Chupa Chups Sour Belt is actually a string of fruit flavored marshmallows, glued together and covered with a layer of sweet sugar, […]

The Difference Between Redbull Energy Drink (Thailand And Vietnam)

Redbull energy drink

Redbull energy drink from Vietnam and Thailand are two products of Redbull company that are loved and used by everyone. But to distinguish these two energy drinks is not an easy thing and not everyone knows how to distinguish. Redbull is distinguished in many ways. Here we take a look at some of their differences. […]

Should I buy Omo or Tide laundry detergent?


Among the detergent brands currently, Omo and Tide are two quite famous and popular names. So what is the optimal choice for consumers? Let’s explore with Gourmet Foods! Omo overview – Omo is the main washing powder product of Unilever group, this brand has many product lines with its own characteristics to meet the needs […]

RedBull marks Positive Day with Asian record to spread positive power across Vietnam

RedBull energy drink

RedBull – the leading energy drinks brand in the world – organized Positive Day, and set an Asian record with more than 2,000 participants joining a fistbump relay in a group shaped like Vietnam to spread positivity across Vietnam. RedBull initiates Positive Day, setting an Asian record to spread positive power across Vietnam Redbull encourages […]