Fanta vs Mountain Dew: Which soda brand is more popular for importers?

Fanta vs Mountain Dew, fanta and mountain dew

Fanta vs Mountain Dew are two of the most popular soda brands in the world, but which one is more preferred by importers? In this blog post, Gourmet Foods will show which soda brand is more popular Fanta and Mountain Dew among importers.

Fanta vs Mountain Dew: The differences

Fanta vs Mountain Dew, Fanta drink. fanta wholasale

Fanta and Mountain Dew have a variety of flavors and varieties available in different countries.
Here’s a quick chart summarizing the differences between Fanta and Mountain Dew:

Fanta vs Mountain Dew: Which soda brand is more popular?

Based on the sales data from 2020, Fanta seems to be more popular than Mountain Dew soda in terms of sales. 

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However, this level of popularity depends on each region. For example, Fanta drink is more popular in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, while Mountain Dew is more popular in North America and Asia. 

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Therefore, importers may choose to import Fanta or Mountain Dew depending on the preferences and tastes of their target consumers. 

Fanta vs Mountain Dew: Where to buy?

Fanta vs Mountain Dew, Fanta drink. fanta wholesale

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Fanta vs Mountain Dew, Fanta drink. fanta wholesale

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