OralB Toothbrush: The Premier Choice for Importers Seeking Quality

OralB Toothbrush

OralB toothbrush is a famous oral health care brand worldwide with many quality product lines that are highly appreciated by many dental experts and trusted by many users in the world thanks to leading technology trends and high cleaning efficiency.

As an FMCG wholesale exporter, we would like to introduce the leading technology trends and high cleaning efficiency brush: OralB toothbrush!

1. Which types of OralB Toothbrushes?

1.1 OralB Toothbrush Classic Ultra Clean

OralB Toothbrush Classic Ultra Clean

The OralB Toothbrush Classic Ultraclean is a toothbrush designed with features to enhance oral hygiene. It typically has medium bristles that are shaped to clean effectively around and between teeth. The brush head is often tapered to reach back teeth easily, and the bristles are end-rounded to be gentle on gums and enamel.

1.2 OralB Toothbrush 3D White

OralB Toothbrush 3D White

OralB Toothbrush 3D White is designed with criss-cross bristles with a precise 16-degree tilt for precise impact to remove plaque on teeth. The OralB toothbrush body is designed with a comfortable, convenient handle and is made of high-quality plastic with good elasticity and is non-toxic. The product gives you a feeling of comfort and fresh breath. Oral B is a pioneering brand in tooth protection and care brush technologies that is trusted by dentists around the world.

1. 3 OralB Toothbrush Ultra Black Tea

OralB Ultra Black Tea brush bristles with black tea essence to help kill bacteria and create odor Ultra-thin 0.01mm dental floss Handle design fits well Brushes away plaque and bacteria High-quality plastic body

1. 4 OralB Toothbrush Pro Gum Care Green Tea

OralB Gum Care Green Tea Essence brings a fresh and natural feeling at first sight. The bristles are designed with a cool green color filled with green tea essence. Not only does it bring a fresh fragrance, the green tea essence in each brush bristle also helps soothe and deeply clean the oral cavity. Ultra-thin brush bristles and green tea essence help clean teeth effectively and bring fresh breath.

1. 5 OralB Essential Floss

OralB Essential Floss

The product helps clean between teeth and removes plaque and leftover food particles stuck in between teeth, helping to effectively protect teeth. Not only that, using Oral-B dental floss daily also helps prevent bad breath.

You can use dental floss to completely replace traditional toothpicks – which can easily damage your gums, gap between teeth, and are less hygienic. Not to mention the ability to clean your teeth more thoroughly will help prevent dental problems and bring fresh breath.

2. Where to buy OralB Toothbrush?

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If you are looking for OralB toothbrushes at the wholesale price, you can buy OralB from one of the large FMCG wholesalers like Gourmet Foods International. We can supply OralB products at the best competitive price. It’s recommended to contact them directly for the most accurate information on current availability and pricing.

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