Discover 10 unique new Oreo cakes that make people admire


Discover 10 unique new Oreo cakes that make people admire

Oreo cake is not too strange when, even after many years, this cake still brings a great attraction to many people. However, few people know that in addition to the traditional flavor, it has many other unique flavors with the same deliciousness.

1. Oreo red velvet

Oreo red velvet cake has created a “wave” on social networking sites since its launch on Tet 2021 until now.

Changing the traditional black shell with an extremely brilliant red color with the meaning of bringing a bustling and gathering Tet season. Not only that, the color red also means good luck at the beginning of the year. Still maintaining its style with crispy crust, lightly scented with butter and greasy cream.

This cake is very suitable as a gift, It will give you good luck for the new year to the people you love!

Oreo red velvet

2. Oreo cherry blossom matcha

When it comes to the unique flavors of cookies, it’s impossible to forget the version of cherry blossom matcha. This must be a super product that has defeated all eyes from children to adults because of the extremely cute and lovely baby pink color.

Launched in the summer of 2020, the cake is dressed in pink to represent cherry blossoms. Crispy crust, delicious butter flavor . To create a breakthrough when the pink color is combined with the characteristic green color of matcha inside. The rich, slightly bitter cream of matcha makes the cake not only more mouth-watering and attractive, but also do not worry about being fed up.

Oreo cherry blossom matcha

3. Oreo salted caramel

If you are too bored with the traditional greasy cream, today Gourmet Foods will introduce to you an equally strange taste, making anyone who has finished eating it will have to admire this combination. it’s Oreo salted caramel.

Chocolate cake crust, crispy, slightly bitter on the outside. Inside with a beautiful caramel brown filling. Try a piece of cake, you will feel the sweet and salty taste of salted caramel mixed with the bitter taste of the crust. It will definitely make you hard to resist this new taste!

Oreo salted caramel

4. Oreo java chips

It can be said that it is extremely know to please every believer, whether you are a matcha fanatic, or a pink fanatic, even a coffee fanatic, it still satisfies all tastes. the user’s senses.

Launched in January 2020, with a crispy crust and a bitter, slightly fatty coffee cream filling. Combined with the cream filling layer are small chocochips, making eating will bring a new and more attractive feeling. Prepare another cup of hot coffee next to it, and the cake is strong enough to hold back the coffee lovers to try it right there.

Oreo java chips

5. Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut (Chocolate Hazelnut)

In January 2020, not only launched Jave chip which also launched another is that Oreo chocolate flavor hazelnuts (chocolate hazelnut).

Open the box, you will immediately smell the delicious chocolate flavor. Take a bite and you will have to say “wow” immediately because the chocolate taste is doubled with the crispy chocolate cake taste and the rich, smooth chocolate ice cream with a little taste of hazelnuts. This cake is so delicious when dipped with milk.

Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut

6. Oreo Strawberry Frosted Donut

No longer the black color and the mild bitter taste of the typical chocolate, Oreo strawberry donuts are replaced with a luxurious “gold” color.

Crispy crust, lightly flavored with butter. The light pink cake has the sweet and sour taste of strawberries mixed with the fat of the cream. Mixed with the strawberry cream filling are colorful nuggets that make the cake when eaten, it will help stimulate the taste at the tip of the tongue.

Oreo Strawberry Frosted Donut

7. Oreo brownie (Brookie-O’s)

It is no exaggeration to say that Oreo brownie is a special flavor because the filling layer has up to 3 layers, which is extremely interesting.

Crispy crust, with a bitter, sweet taste of chocolate. The inside of the ice cream is 3 layers including the chocolate brownie layer to the greasy white cream layer and the last layer of chocochip. Brookie-O’s Cake is the equivalent of the famous miniature brownie.

Oreo brownie

8. Oreo birthday cake (birthday flavor)

In 2012, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary , they launched to the public with birthday flavor. The cream cake is shrunk down through the round, small cake so you can still enjoy the familiar taste of cream cake through this cake.

Every time you try the cake, you still can’t stop admiring the crisp, sweet and bitter taste of dark chocolate . Sip sweet vanilla ice cream mixed with extremely attractive sweet and sour fruit candies.

Oreo birthday cake

9. Oreo Peach Olong cookies

Launched at the same time as the cherry blossom cake, but the attraction of peach oolong tea Oreo is still not inferior at all when people are still racing to enjoy.

The aroma of peach tea is extremely obvious when you open the package. The crust is crispy and the taste of bitter, light tea blends with the natural sweet and sour peach. You can serve the cake with hot tea to balance the taste of the cake.

Oreo Peach Olong oreo cookies

10. Oreo Fireworks

One last unique flavor that Gourmet Foods wants to introduce to you is the Fireworks Oreo Cake. Released in the summer of 2017 with an extremely limited edition. However, because of the love and welcome of everyone, the cake is continuously returned in the following years.

It’s not surprising why this cake is so sought after. Crispy chocolate cake flavor combined with fatty cream and colorful marshmallows . Try a piece, you will feel like the taste explodes on the tip of the tongue like fireworks.

Oreo Fireworks

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