Review of flavors Goody Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies are a favorite snack of many people, especially children. Take a moment to learn more about the flavors of Goody Chips chocolate chip cookies!

Goody Chips is a biscuit brand belonging to Bibica confectionery company , one of the leading confectionery manufacturing and distribution companies in Vietnam. Goody Chips products in particular and Bibica in general are manufactured on modern production lines . Meet strict standards on food hygiene and safety, ensuring safety for users including children .

goody chips

Goody Chips Chocolate Chip Cookies with a light sweet , greasy taste is extremely easy to eat, the nutritional content in the cake is quite high. This cake is not only attractive to children but also adults also like to enjoy this cake with tea. Here is a review of the Goody Chips Chocolate Chip Cookie flavors.

1. Original Goody Chips Chocolate Chip Cookies Box 144G

If you are a fan of chocolate , you cannot ignore Original Goody Chips chocolate chip cookies . With a delicious, greasy chocolate flavor, one bite you will feel the crunchy taste, melt in your mouth, you will love it.

goody chips 1

Original Goody Chips chocolate chip cake products are produced on a modern line without chemical sugars, without preservatives, so it is absolutely safe for users, mothers can be completely assured when giving it to everyone in the family. family use this product.

2. Goody Chips Chocolate Chip Cookies Bag 80G

Instead of only chocolate flavor, Goody Chips biscuit brand also has grape chocolate chip flavor with chocolate ingredients and raisins made from clean, fresh grapes that keep all nutrients and flavor .

Goody Chips Chocolate Chip Cookies 80g pack

Goody Chips grape chocolate chip cookies are delicious, crispy with natural sweetness, stimulating the taste buds, attracting people to eat, especially the children who love this cake.

3. Goody Chips Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies Bag 80G

Goody Chips Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies 80g package with ingredients of sugar, vegetable fat, 9% chocolate, 2% cashews, eggs, milk, cocoa powder… the cookies are delicious, quality, when you eat them you can see them. With chocolate and cashews sprinkled on the top of the cake, the cake is fragrant and crispy , combined with the light sweetness of butter, both adults and children love it.

Goody Chips Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies 80g pack

With this cake, it will help provide your baby with an abundant source of energy for your baby to be active, and at the same time, it is compactly packaged and convenient for moms to bring as snacks for babies on long trips.

Hopefully with the sharing in the last article, you will have more knowledge about Goody Chips chocolate chip cookies and the flavors of this cake so that you can choose the right choice for the interests and tastes of each member. in his family.

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